Get a Walk Along Review for homebuyers from All Yours Home Inspections

What Is a Walk Along Review?

Today's market is tough, with the offer process turning into a competition. Our Walk Along Review is a great solution for homebuyers who choose to waive the full-scope home inspection. During the walk along, we will walk through the interior and exterior of the home with the homebuyer and agent, discussing notable observations, concerns, and insights of readily available aspects of the home. This is a great opportunity for the homebuyers to learn a great deal and ask questions about the major components of the home and how they all work together as a system. The walk along review is limited in scope and does not substitute a full scope home inspection in that we will not produce a formal report or provide any photos.

During the walk along, you are encouraged to take notes about identified issues, concerns, and maintenance items. After the walk along, you will have a much better idea of the condition of the property while still holding strong position with your offer.

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